Income Protection - How To Claim

Don't Panic

If you need to make a claim on your IncomeShield policy we're happy to help get you started by directing you to your insurer.

To get things underway we'll need you to:

  • Request a claim form by either downloading it from the insurer or calling us on 0344 5431 016
  • Complete the claim form and attach any supporting evidence requested. Please ensure you complete all relevant sections to avoid a delay in receiving your first payment
  • Return your completed form and supporting evidence to:

    Claims Department
    Paymentshield Ltd
    Paymentshield House
    Wight Moss Way
    PR8 4HQ

    Please return your completed claim form within 90 days of the date your accident, sickness or unemployment occurred.

Supporting Evidence

You may also be asked for additional information during your claim. You must provide any proof you’re asked for, otherwise your claim may not be paid. This proof could be:

Accident and Sickness claims

  • A certificate from your employer confirming you're not currently working for them
  • Medical evidence in addition to your doctor's initial report, and/or a request to undergoa medical examination with a doctor or consultant appointed by the insurer, who will pay the costs of this additional medical evidence

Your claim won’t be paid if you fail to attend a medical examination and you don’t have a reasonable explanation for not attending.

Unemployment claims

  • Confirmation of your unemployment from the Department for Work and Pensions Jobcentre Plus (or equivalent government department in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or a European Union member state)
  • Or a letter from your last employer confirming you worked for them
  • If you’re self-employed, the insurer will contact your accountant, bank and/or tax office for proof that you have ceased trading

Seeking employment

If you’re ineligible for a Jobseeker’s Agreement, you must be able to provide alternative evidence that you’re unemployed and actively seeking employment.

This could include copies of job applications, invitations to interviews, application responses and registration with employment agencies.

State Benefits

If you, or your partner, receive State Benefit please advise your local benefits agency that you’re claiming under an Income Protection policy, as the amount you receive under your policy may affect your entitlement to State Benefit. Your local benefits agency will be able to provide you with more information.

Need Help?

  • Call our customer services team on 0345 601 1050
  • Monday - Friday
    8am - 7pm
    8am - 1pm

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